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Who are we?
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Sinex, S.L. was founded in 1946 by D. Gaspar Codoñer Fortea and D. Luis Mª Ferrer Urrieta.

The longevity of our company demonstrates our view of the commercial relationship between our customers and suppliers as a long term bond.

Until 2002 the company was located in nº 36 of the street Gran Vía of Bilbao, and in that moment moved to the present location located in Nervión street of Bilbao.

Currently managed by D. Gaspar Codoñer Longaray (Industrial Engineer) and D. Rafael Ferrer Ortiz (Economist). Sinex activity range has been very wide, but it has traditionally been focussed on the chemical field, which is the unique area that it nowadays covers since 1970.